Refund Policy Image
1. The customer will be refunded 100% in the following cases

When the customer makes a payment mistake, for instance, double payment.

When the company fails to get a writer for the order.

When the deadline is missed and the client no longer needs the material. In this case, the paper will not be sent to the customer.

2. The customer will have the right for a 50% refund when the following cases apply:

Making a revision request means that the current custom paper has been approved by the customer, pending minor adjustments. In cases when the company fails to find an available writer for the revision, the customer will have a right to a 50% refund.

When the customer decides to cancel the order after the writer has been confirmed and more than half of the remaining deadline remains. In this case, the refund will be 50% to cover for the writer and the company’s effort to deliver services to the customer.

3. For cases of disputed claims, the company’s quality assurance department will conduct an investigation, after which the claims will either be approved or denied. The company aims to satisfy all its customers, and thus, will do all the best to ensure customer satisfaction.

4. Customers will not be entitled to a refund 7 days after the delivery of the product. You can request refunds within seven days after the deadline has passed, after which the order will be considered completed and the client has accepted its quality. After confirmation of refunds, the company will process it within 3 business days after the confirmation date.

Note: The Company will not be responsible for the customer’s transaction anomalies, fees, and/or any other delays experienced due to bank and other financial institution service issues.